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Historical city tour Schmallenberg part of the historic town and village centers in NRW

Explore the historic Altstadt Schmallenberg, which is part of the historic town and village centers in NRW, on a walk through history. The historical tour picks you up in the present and takes you - literally - on a journey into the past. We start with the textile industry, which is still important today, and continue south along the Weststraße to the city's founding. The nucleus of the town lies in today's park on Zehnhofweg, at the southernmost point of the narrow ridge surrounded by the river. Lenne ridge surrounded by the river.

There are numerous sculptures in the urban space that depict important themes in the town's history, such as the right to mint coins, the town fire or the textile industry, but also - with the Everyday People series by Christel Lechner - give space and form to the completely normal lives of today's townspeople.

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With 17 stations

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Dr. Alexandra Bloch-Pfister

As a freelance historian, I develop, present and communicate history for various clients and offer historical services: This includes archive research and transcriptions, the creation of concepts and expert opinions, the development of texts, books, digital applications, apps or exhibition concepts. I am also happy to develop innovative and participatory formats for dealing with history. My clients are companies, institutions, cities and private individuals.

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