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Why hiking is also beautiful in the cold season...

and what should be considered

When the clouds hang between the treetops, small rivulets bubble along the path as streams and the rain drips rhythmically onto your hood, you are far away from everyday life and alone with nature and your thoughts.

The mist makes the forests seem mystical and you can rediscover familiar paths. Take advantage of this quiet time to pause and let your thoughts wander. Look forward to this very special encounter with nature. And look forward to the warm shower in your hotel or vacation apartment - because it will feel like pure luxury. Why not give it a try!

Usselwetter - no problem!

There is no such thing as bad weather... Only bad equipment! So that you can embark on this special adventure, you need to have the right attitude, the right equipment and the right route ...

The best tours

..through the Schmallenberg rain

After wild weather comes wellness!

From forests shrouded in fog and rain to snow-covered high altitudes in the Rothaargebirge and dreamlike spas in the Schmallenberger Sauerland...

Fräulein Draußen in Schmallenberg Sauerland

Spring, fall and winter - all in three (and a half) days!

During blogger Fräulein Draußen 's hiking trip to the Schmallenberger Sauerland she experienced a lot in terms of weather: from sunshine to foggy and rainy forests to the snowy heights of the Rothaargebirge. Every hiking day was beautiful in its own way.

On her blog, the blogger shares the most beautiful hikes in the Schmallenberger Sauerland with us. Hikes that all have their very own character and show the variety of hiking opportunities in the region. From wild forests to pretty half-timbered villages, from expansive mountain ranges to hidden valleys. The article is also intended as a plea to not only use the "hiking season" for hiking, but to consciously take some time out in the off-season. Some people may be surprised at how beautiful hiking can be all year round - whatever the weather!

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Wellness hotels in the Schmallenberg Sauerland and the vacation region Eslohe

When it's grey and miserable outside, it's time for a cozy break: take time for a good book, delicious Essen and pleasant conversation. In the Schmallenberg Sauerland and the vacation region Eslohe there are excellent hosts who have specialized in wellness and will pamper you with their offers. Beautiful sauna areas, relaxing massages and plenty of peace and quiet await you.

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