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Winter sports in the Sauerland

White worlds

Right on the doorstep of the Schmallenberger Sauerland you can trudge into the greatest skiing pleasure north of the Alps. The winter sports arena Sauerland has been developed into a reliable ski region from December to March in recent years. Discover white worlds just one to three hours' drive from Germany's urban centers.

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© Foto: Sabrina Voss, sabrinity

Winter experiences

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© Foto: Sabrina Voss, sabrinity
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Fun in the snow for everyone

And with the Schmallenberger Sauerland Card especially favorable!

Our ski resorts are just right for anyone who loves fun in the snow on the slopes and likes it a little quieter. With the Schmallenberger Sauerland Card you can also make real savings: In the ski area Hunau in Bödefeld or at the Höhenlift in Schmallenberg you receive a 50% discount on a half-day ticket with the Guest Card. At the cross-country skiing center in Westfeld you can also get a free day ticket.

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How sustainable are winter sports?

What you should know about skiing in the winter sports arena Sauerland...

Can you still ski with a clear conscience? Is snow production a waste of energy? And how much CO2 is actually released during snowmaking? These questions are not only justified, but they are also crucial for our future. Sauerland takes these questions seriously. A comprehensive FAQ answers these and many other questions about sustainability in winter sports. Did you know, for example, that skiing is in many ways more sustainable than many other leisure activities? We are happy to give you an insight into the facts and background - so that you can enjoy your next winter vacation in Schmallenberg Sauerland with a clear conscience!

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Alpine skiing

  • 150 lifts with 300 ha of slopes
  • 450 snow guns
  • Snow-covered area of approx. 150 football pitches
  • Over 80 snow-covered slopes

Skiing & snowboarding

in the winter sports arena Sauerland

In the meantime, the alpine offer is Sauerland unparalleled. Especially in the "ski strongholds" Winterberg and Willingen have invested heavily in infrastructure and snowmaking in recent years. Right on our doorstep, for example, you will find the ski lift carousel Winterberg with a total of 26 lifts and 34 runs, most of which are covered in snow. Smaller ski resorts have also upgraded and market their offers jointly under the umbrella of the Winter Sports Arena.

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Certified ski rentals in the winter sports arena...

Ski schools in the winter sports arena...

Ski lifts & toboggan lifts in Schmallenberg Sauerland

Slightly quieter and less crowded at weekends, the range of downhill runs for alpine skiing in the Schmallenberger Sauerland offers perfectly snow-covered slopes on around 90 days a year. The slopes are up to 1,400 m long, extra wide and easy to moderately difficult. Perfect for family ski days, extensive carving and snowboarding or for beginners and returners.

Ski resort Bödefeld-Hunau

  • Refreshments:
    Ski hut / restaurant directly at the valley station
  • Ski area Bödefeld - Hunau
    Hunaustr. 81
    57392 Schmallenberg
    Phone: +49 29771444
    Fax: +49 2977 709095

To the ski area Bödefeld-Hunau...

Ski center Hunau -lifts
Alpine and cross-country skis, snowboard, sledges and snowshoes

Phone: 02977 392

Ski school at the Hunaulift

Phone: 0160 6906284

Schmallenberger Höhenlift

  • Refreshments:
    When skiing, you can stop off at the Handweiser Hütte directly at the ski lift.
  • Schmallenberger Höhenlift
    Am Lenninghof 26
    57392 Schmallenberg
    Phone: +49 160 91764867

To the Schmallenberger Höhenlift...

Schmallenberg Höhenlift
Alpine skiing, snowboarding, sledging

Phone: 0170 1678035

Ski school at Höhenlift Schmallenberg

Phone: 0151 / 70192964

To the ski school at Höhenlift...

Ski lift Sellinghausen

  • Refreshments:
    Ski hut at the ski lift, hotel with restaurant in the immediate vicinity
  • Ski lift Sellinghausen
    Holiday hotel Stockhausen
    Zum Hälleken 9
    57392 Schmallenberg
    Phone: +49 2971 3120

To the ski lift Sellinghausen

Hotel Stockhausen
Alpine and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing with anchor to the toboggan lift

Telephone: 02971 3120

Ski school at the ski lift Sellinghausen

Phone: 02971 3120

Ski lift Rimberg

  • Refreshments:
    Restaurant and farmhouse parlor in the Hotel Rimberg (directly at the ski lift)
  • Ski lift Rimberg
    Hotel Rimberg
    Rimberg 1
    57392 Schmallenberg
    Phone: +49 2974 7770

To the ski lift Rimberg

Hotel Rimberg
Alpine and cross-country skiing

Phone: 02974 7770

Schröders Sporteck

Cross-country skis, alpine skis, children's and youth skis, snowboards for children and adults and snowshoes

Phone: 02974 900411

Ski school at the ski lift Rimberg

Phone: 02974 900411

Cross-country skiing

  • Around 400 km of quality cross-country ski trails at high altitudes
  • 10 km of snow-covered trails
  • Winter sports from December to March
  • Comprehensive network of trails
  • Signposted according to DSV specifications

Cross-country skiing

Brings movement into life

Are you drawn to the cross-country ski trail? Then your destination is Schmallenberg Sauerland. If there is enough natural snow, you can glide through up to 200 km of groomed trails along the panoramic mountain ridges of Rothaargebirge and Hunau. Thanks to a comprehensive network, the trails at altitudes of 650 to 841 m above sea level can be combined very easily. They are also easy to reach by (winter-tyred) car and are uniformly signposted according to DSV specifications. Signs on downhill runs indicate possible dangers, circular trails Werden show the remaining kilometers to be covered and the correct direction is clearly marked at crossroads.

To the Nordic sports arena Sauerland...

Cross-country skiing center Hochsauerland


It is THE destination for cross-country skiing fans: the cross-country skiing center Westfeld/Ohlenbach with a range of up to 80 km of machine-groomed, partly snow-covered trails that is unique in the Sauerland. Guided tours, ski hire and floodlit cross-country skiing make winter fun perfect.

To the cross-country skiing center...

Cross-country skiing center Westfeld
Cross-country skis for classic technique and skating technique, snowshoes

Phone: 02975/809702 (or Heinrich´s Skishop 02975/315)

Cross-country skiing center Westfeld
Phone: 02975/9639208 (or Heinrich´s Skishop 02975/315)

Book your trail ticket online now!

Nordicsport-Arena Sauerland: Day ticket for 500 km of trails

Your contribution will benefit 100% of the region's cross-country ski trail operators, so that the trails will continue to be in optimum condition for your sport in the future!

For just €5 per day, you voluntarily support the mostly voluntary work of the cross-country skiing associations and ski clubs that maintain the 500 km of certified trails in the region every day. With your booking you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, which you should carry with you on your cell phone or print out when you visit the cross-country ski trail. Please note that There is no entitlement to a refund if the cross-country ski trail is closed due to weather conditions. In the snow-covered cross-country skiing center in Schmallenberg-Westfeld the day ticket is not valid.

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  • Toboggan lifts
  • Toboggan rental
  • Prepared runs


in Schmallenberg Sauerland

Let's get down to business! Sledge down the Sauerland's toboggan runs with verve and speed and put some serious effort into the bends. Tobogganing is simply fun. With the kids, in a group or as a couple. Of course, the hot, steaming cocoa or mulled wine at the end of the tour is obligatory.

Toboggan lifts in Schmallenberg Sauerland

Winter hiking

Ice-clear, cold air, a steel-blue sky and audible silence - you can only experience this in the winter forest.

Winter hiking

Are you always out and about, whatever the season? And preferably on foot? Then you can look forward to cleared winter hiking trails in a sunny location. The Sauerländer landscape takes on a completely new look in winter and presents itself in a unique way. Discover this winter wonderland on foot, ideally wrapped up warm and wearing non-slip shoes.

Overview of all winter hiking trails

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