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HeimatFreu(n)de awarded 1st place in the ADAC Tourism Prize

Individual and authentic Sauerland-experiences inspire the jury

Our "HeimatFreu(n)de" project has won the ADAC Tourism Award for North Rhine-Westfalen. The innovative concept of offering guests individual and exclusive insights into the Schmallenberger Sauerland convinced the jury and secured HeimatFreu(n)den first place. On November 16, 2023, the ADAC Tourism Award was presented at the Football Museum in Dortmund. The award was presented by the tourism association Tourismus NRW in cooperation with the three ADAC regional clubs in North Rhine-Westfalen. The "HeimatFreu(n)de" project was the runner-up for the coveted prize and secured first place.

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Experience real encounters

The people in the Schmallenberg Sauerland and the vacation region Eslohe love their homeland. They cherish it and are very proud of it. If you want to discover the Schmallenberg Sauerland and the vacation region Eslohe and the holiday region, then a chat with these people is just the thing for you:

Our HeimatFreu(n)de will take you and your loved ones on a sociable hike or an exciting stalk. They will show you their beloved village or their busy bee colony. You'll chat on a walk or in the herb kitchen as if you've known each other forever.

Here we introduce you to who our HeimatFreu(n)de are and what you can expect at each meeting.

Curious? Then you can book directly online using the button. (There are some fixed dates for the meetings, but you are also welcome to request them individually).

We wish you lots of HeimatFreude!

To the dates

Discover the green paradise

- with LenesLandlust

"This Sauerland is everything I've always wanted for myself and my family! Home!" enthuses Magdalene Fiebig, who is also known as "LenesLandlust".

In her idyllic country house garden in Sieperting near Eslohe you can experience the perfect interplay of historic and modern roses, magnificent perennials and vibrant summer flowers on around 1200 square meters. Immerse yourself in a world full of colors and scents that will make every garden lover's heart beat faster. During a visit, you can not only admire the beauty of her garden, Sondern also enjoy a refreshing welcome drink, fragrant coffee and home-baked cake. Let Magdalene whisk you away to her green paradise and experience moments that you will remember for a long time Werden.

With heart and arrow: Discover the Sauerland with archery and snowshoe hikes

- with Wolfgang Winterhoff

This Sauerland means quality of life for me, with its wonderful landscape - it is my home, where I am passionate about living," is how Wolfgang Winterhoff describes his deep connection with the Sauerland.

Explore the Sauerland together with our HeimatFreu(n)d Wolfgang Winterhoff. Wolfgang conveys his enthusiasm through archery courses that offer everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of this sport. When winter arrives, a very special experience awaits you: join his snowshoe hikes and explore the picturesque, snow-covered landscape with him. Let him take you on magical tours through our forests to discover our homeland. In convivial conversations with Wolfgang, you will get to Sauerland from a completely new perspective.


Snowshoe hike

Sauerländer Blacksmithing

- with master blacksmith Hubertus Dünnebacke

"Only those who carry the fire within them can pass on the flame!" And that's exactly what Hubertus wants to do. Because he is passionate about his craft and shares his Wissen and his tools with you.

Experience the world of blacksmithing for an afternoon and lend a hand. Under the guidance of Hubertus, you will create your very own little work of art and learn how fire, metal and power are used to create unique things. Enjoy a coffee break with snacks from the neighboring inn and take in this very special work of art.


Phone: +49 171 7975995 or +49 2975 524


Into the universe

- with hobby photographer Stefan Schwope

For Stefan this is Sauerland a place full of adventure. And these sometimes only begin for him when the sun has disappeared behind the mountains. Then he explores the rather unknown beauty of the Schmallenberger Sauerland: the clear starry sky!

During his workshops and adventure tours, Stefan will show you adventurous galaxies, twinkling stars, neighboring planets, nearby and distant moons and much more in the middle of our nocturnal landscape. He also explains how to observe or photograph these objects. And you can also try out a lot of things for yourself, because his adventure backpack never lacks binoculars, a telescope and a camera. Look forward to an unusual adventure in the Sauerlandthat you will remember for a long time.


Phone: 0178 - 7109367

In the herb kitchen

- with herbalist Nadine Albers

Nadine sometimes misses what is happening around her because her eyes are often focused on the ground. There she searches for fragrant and tasty wild herbs that you can collect and process together.

To do this, you climb over the compost heap, examine field paths and roam through the large garden with the chickens. Nadine explains where the wild delicacies grow and what you should bear in mind when harvesting them. Then it's off to the herb kitchen, which is located in a former greenhouse. There you will prepare a 4-course meal together using the wild herbs. To top it all off, you will bravely taste your way through the green delicacies. At the herb barbecue, you will take the prepared herb dishes to the swing grill, where you can round off the wild and flavorful encounter by the fire.


Phone: 02977 397 or 0157 80410505


On the prowl

- with hunter Christina Bremke

Time stands still in the high seat. All you can hear is the wind in the treetops, the chirping of crickets and perhaps the cracking of branches as an animal moves through the forest.

With Christina, you can immerse yourself in the fascination of hunting and experience an evening in the rhythm of nature. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you and enjoy the excitement of stalking. As a certified forest educator, wild herb educator and hunter, Christina can explain everything you've always wanted to know about hunting Wissen. You will learn the hunter's language and get to know the Sauerland from a new perspective. Look forward to wild taste sensations from the lunchbox and enjoy the evening until the last "rifle light" - guaranteed without shooting. With a bit of luck and peace and quiet, you will catch a wild sight through the binoculars.

Phone: 0170 7900229

Mystical & creative on the road

- with graphic designer Irmhild Hockemeyer

This Sauerland is both a source of inspiration for Irmhild and a place to search for historical traces. As a graphic designer, she particularly likes typical Sauerland impressions, such as half-timbered villages in the summer sun or gray, rainy forests. In the forests around her home village Oberkirchen she is also fascinated by the medieval places where witches were persecuted.

You can either join Irmhild on a creative hike to collect impressions and materials from nature and put together a collage. Or you can accompany her on a witches' hike to the dungeon, the gallows site and the witches' square and then enjoy coffee and cake in her living room.


Phone: 02975 9639360


Woll-Gas round

- with Anton and Hermann-Josef Hoffe

Whatever the weather, the editor of Woll magazine and his editorial dog Anton set off on their afternoon rounds. In and around Kückelheim there are many great paths with beautiful views of the countryside.

"Woll" is the Sauerländer word par excellence. In relation to the Woll magazine, it stands for words, places, country and people. Because it reports on the Sauerländer way of life, the small and big stories of the region and the people who shape life here. So who better to talk to about regional characteristics, traditions and innovations than the editor of this magazine? On a relaxed afternoon walk with Anton and Hermann-Josef, you will not only get beautiful views of the land of a thousand mountains, Sondern you will also gain exciting and personal insights into life here.

E-mail: redaktion@Woll -magazin .de

Mobile: 0171 2617470


Audience with the bee colony

- with beekeeper Wolfgang Jenke

There is always something going on in Wolfgang's garden. Colorful flowers bloom all around and it hums and buzzes all day long, because numerous bee colonies live in his garden.

Wolfgang invites you into his summer garden and shows you the busy world of bees. You will learn how they organize themselves and how the honey gets into the jar. He will also explain why bees are a great enrichment for mankind, and not just because of the delicious spread on bread. If you feel like it, you can make a candle out of beeswax and stock up on honey. Of course, you can also take home a few tips on how you can do something for the bees. With Wolfgang, you can experience a sweet summer's day and immerse yourself with all your senses in the blooming, fragrant and buzzing life of bees. PS: Say hello to Maja and Willi for us!


Phone: 02973 81309 or 0160 2901478

Discover the village

- with storyteller Albert Nagel

Albert is firmly rooted in Wenholthausen and knows every person, every animal and every house there. And he knows an incredible number of stories from the village of 1,400 people, which he is more than happy to share with you.

You can choose what you want Albert to show and tell you: The Schützenhalle from the inside, the old bakehouse, the Esmecke-Stausee or the legend of the eavesdropping ghost. You can also chat with other villagers and learn about old traditions. As a Nordic walking guide and hiking leader, Albert knows every street, dirt track and path, so you can choose where you want to go. Stroll through the village together or head out into the countryside. You certainly won't run out of things to talk about.

E-mail: nordic-walking-Sauerland @web .de

Phone: 0151 12146091

Sauerland safari

- with hiking guide Jenny Müller

There's never a dull moment with Jenny. Not only will she show you the country and its people, Sondern usually also has a delicious picnic in her luggage or takes you on mystical night hikes.

Whether during the day, at dusk or at night - Jenny loves being out and about and is happy to show you her favorite places in the Schmallenberg region. Sauerland. You can have a picnic with her in the middle of a flock of sheep, make fondue on the way or enjoy the view at sunset with good wine. If you are brave enough, you can hike with her and the astrophotographer Stefan under a full moon up the Wilzenbergthe holy mountain of the Sauerland.

E-Mail: jennys@Sauerland -safari .de

Phone: 0151 40081414


Capture light & landscape

-with photographer Klaus-Peter Kappest

When the sun slowly appears on the horizon, he lies in wait with his camera and captures the purple clouds and glowing fog in his photos.

This is why he is called a light artist. And Klaus-Peter is known as the house and yard photographer of the Schmallenberger Sauerland. He feels at home here and is particularly enthusiastic about the extraordinary photographic light. Klaus-Peter is not only a great photographer, Sondern is also an enthusiastic storyteller. He likes to share his experiences and adventures with others and invites you to join him on a morning shoot. Let the light painter show you the most beautiful places for sunrises and experience the land of a thousand mountains in a whole new light. You are welcome to bring your own camera and tripod to learn directly from the pro.

[Take a look here at what makes Klaus-Peter so beautiful about the sunrises in the Schmallenberg Sauerland and the vacation region]. Eslohe finds].


Phone: 02733 4512


WaldbadenRelaxation and energy in nature

- with Petra Breker

"This Sauerland is home for me, where I feel safe and secure". Petra Breker The experienced health educator and forest health scout offers you the opportunity to experience nature in a special way. She leads Waldbaden sessions that range from the monastery Grafschaft to the mill pond. During the walks, you can expect practical mindfulness exercises and simple relaxation techniques to help reduce stress and recharge your batteries.

Petra experienced the positive effects of regular excursions into nature as a child. Today, she uses this experience to help others take a break from the hectic pace of everyday life and recharge their batteries. Come with us on a discovery tour and enjoy the calming effect of nature in the Sauerland.


Cycling adventures in Schmallenberg Sauerland

- with Florian Henkel

"This Sauerland is a home for me, where I can live where others go on vacation," is how MTB-Guide and HeimatFreu(n)d Florian describes his home. With him you can discover the Schmallenberg Sauerland on two wheels. The trained industrial mechanic and forester from Werpe knows the region like the back of his hand. Over the last few years, he has developed a deep love and appreciation for his homeland - an enthusiasm that he is happy to share with you on his tours.

Florian's excellent local knowledge enables him to design the routes flexibly and spontaneously according to your wishes. Whether you want to explore challenging trails or enjoy relaxed tours through picturesque landscapes, Florian will adapt the tour to your preferences.

Kitchen party

- with "our little freedom"

Cooking, feasting and enjoying together is something that is sometimes neglected in everyday life. Take the time to consciously chop, chat and taste with the chefs at 'kleine Freiheit'.

You can expect not only excellent Essen, Sondern but also a cozy evening and pleasant conversations in the event kitchen of 'kleine Freiheit'. The chefs will create four seasonal courses with you, using only the freshest and best ingredients. You don't even have to worry about a cooking apron. Enjoy the evening together and learn directly from the professionals, who will tell you a lot about Sauerland cuisine Werden. In "our little freedom" you can simply forget about time and skip the clean-up. Because on this evening, enjoyment and the joy of home come first!


Phone: 02972 9849105

HeimatFreu(n)de stories

On the road with the locals

Fondue hike with HeimatFreundin Jenny

A blog post from Jungwandern

"Fondue hiking? What's that supposed to be?" This is exactly the question Andreas from the online hiking magazine "Jungwandern" asked himself. Together with his friend Jenny from Sauerlandsafari, Andreas set off on a hike through the snowy Schmallenberg region. Sauerland Schmallenberg. The destination of the hike: a stop for a delicious fondue. As a trained hiking guide and local, Jenny knows her way around the Schmallenberger Sauerland and knows the most interesting places. You can find out which route Andreas and Jenny hiked and what else Andreas experienced on his trip to the Schmallenberger Sauerland you can read about in his blog post.

To the blog article by Jungwandern

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We would be delighted if the project gradually attracts more and more enthusiasts and we are able to introduce more and more HeimatFreu(n)de to our guests over time. do you want to show guests your very own home as a creative and adventurous Sauerländer? Sauerland your very own? Do you come from Schmallenberg or Eslohe and have a special talent, a super Sauerland-recipe or an insider tip that you would like to share? Do you have an exciting garden or a favorite place that you would like to invite guests to?

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