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Klaus-Peter Kappest - genuine, of course.

The "Schmallenberg" - Photographer

Klaus-Peter Kappest is active as a photographer in many different areas. He awakens vacation desires for tourist destinations by creating fascinating images of landscape and nature.

The two regions in which he feels most at home are at the center of his work: the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the north of Lapland. The connecting element is the extraordinary photographic light. For the Schmallenberg Sauerland the professional photographer has helped to develop two hiking routes where you can try out his tips while hiking: The Fotoroute Oberhenneborn & the Fotoroute Oberkirchen.

Photo hikes

The landscape photographer and light artist will take you on dewy morning hikes and atmospheric evening tours. He will show you how you can capture atmospheric light with your camera in any weather and how clouds, fog, hoarfrost or haze give the light shape and color.

Summer light

The Sauerland Wanderdörfer from the perspective of Klaus-Peter Kappest

He has it - an eye for the essentials, for the motif, but above all an eye for the light in and around the motif. The "Sommerlicht" brochure tells the photographic story of our beautiful landscape and the genuine, authentic villages of this, our "Quality Region Wanderbares Deutschland".

Take your time and discover the wonderful photos of the hiking villages. Sauerland look forward to encounters and moments of pause.

To the Sauerland hiking villages

What a Kappest!

His view of the region...

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