Light Landscape Painter

Klaus-Peter Kappest - naturally genuine.

The "Schmallenberg" photographer

Klaus-Peter Kappest is active as a photographer in many different fields. He awakens holiday desires for tourist destinations by creating fascinating images of landscape and nature.

In addition, he travels a lot in the north of our continent in snow and ice to bring us closer to the country and its people with his photo and film reportages. He captures the most beautiful northern light moments and snow formations with his camera.

Even photo documentations of the world of work and industry are presented by Klaus-Peter Kappest in an exciting and surprising way.

And fortunately the Schmallenberger Sauerland has become his new home. Here he lives and here he knows every stone by now. As a home and farm photographer of the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe he has created more than 90% of the tourist picture archive.

Photo course with the professionalLearn to photograph authentically

At regular intervals, professional photographer Klaus-Peter Kappest offers daily photo workshops at the Landhotel Gasthof Schütte in Schmallenberg-Oberkirchen.

These workshops are open to all people interested in photography and require relatively little previous knowledge. But also advanced photographers will learn a lot more. The workshops start at 14.30 hrs with a theoretical part, end with a practical part and a photo review.

The costs amount to 89,00 € (incl. conference drinks, coffee break and participation in the gourmet buffet in the Hotel Schütte in the evening).

Further information about the photo courses...

A look behind the scenesEverything's real!

We have dedicated our 2019 magazine to the topic of "encounters". Because here in the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the Eslohe holiday region, special encounters are possible: with nature and the landscape, with denad people and with oneself. It is a real, authentic way of encounter that simply does you good.

Together with our photographer and the actress Daniela Bette-Koch, we created pictures for the magazine that show what makes this region so special. Also present: a camera team that captured the stories around the pictures. But see for yourself...

Summer lightThe Sauerland Hiking Villages as seen from Klaus-Peter Kappest

He has it - an eye for the essential, for the motif, but above all an eye for the light in and around the motif. The brochure "Summer Light" tells photographically about our beautiful landscape and about the real, authentic villages of this, our "Quality Region Wanderbares Deutschland"

Take your time and discover the wonderful pictures of the Sauerland hiking villages, look forward to encounters and moments of pause.

To the Sauerland Hiking Villages