June 2017

Hosts gain valuable insights for the future


Gastro-Check proves to be a successful model

Schmallenberg. General company key figures help to look back objectively and identify trends, but they are often too general to provide individual companies with concrete recommendations for action. This is exactly where the Gastro-Check from Stadtsparkasse Schmallenberg, Tourismus Schmallenberger Sauerland and Martin Schmitz from Schmitz Marketing comes in. The comprehensive business consulting and analysis was developed as a regional pilot project in order to create an interdisciplinary and cost-effective alternative to traditional business consulting in tourism. A total of five Schmallenberg gastronomy businesses have been examined in detail over the past few months, in terms of their external image, financially and in terms of the holiday experience on site. This was followed by detailed evaluations and discussions with the hosts, in which concrete recommendations for optimisation were made. Co-initiator Peter Vogt, Chairman of the Board of Stadtsparkasse Schmallenberg, explains: "From the very beginning, it was our desire to create a low-threshold, holistic consulting concept that stands out from the usual, rather costly business consultancies"

Pragmatic and directly implementable recommendations

The fact that the Gastro-Check has succeeded in doing just that is shown by the consistently very positive feedback from the participating businesses. The Landhotel Albers in Bödefeld, for example, is already able to present a completely renovated conference area, which was classified by the auditors as an approach with special priority. The Gasthaus Tröster in Jagdhaus took its not optimally frequented lunch area from the list of recommendations and adjusted its opening hours accordingly. Christian Tröster, owner of Gasthof Tröster in Jagdhaus, commented: "We were able to reduce our costs significantly and gain time for other important things in the business For Wüllner's Landgasthof in Oberhenneborn, many smaller, pragmatic things were and are being implemented. Process optimisations such as online bookability or a moderate price increase in the overnight accommodation sector had a direct positive effect, as host Georg Wüllner reports. Hotel Hochland in Bad Fredeburg, the fourth appraised hotel in the region, has so far implemented some recommended measures and plans to purchase new TV sets in the rooms in the near future. Finally, the pilot operation, the Hotel Kleins Wiese near Bad Fredeburg, was also able to look back positively after one year: "We have carried out extensive renovations and received a lot of ideas for the coming years. Much of it we still have to think through carefully, whether it suits us and in view of the direction in which we will develop overall," said owner Wolfgang Klein

Project will be continued

All participants in the Gastro-Check unanimously emphasize that the insights gained from the project were very valuable and the time spent on it was manageable and worthwhile. They clearly recommend other hosts to participate in the Gastro-Check. All the more pleasing that the representatives of the Kur- und Freizeit GmbH and the Stadtsparkasse can announce the continuation of the project. Peter Nauroth, corporate customer consultant of the Stadtsparkasse: "I consider the "Gastro-Check" system to be absolutely expandable and transferable. A clever development system will become more and more important, especially since there is potential for improvement in every business. For example, the topic of pricing is an absolute must; every tourism business must deal with it in detail"

Joint conclusion

Pricing, both in the gastronomy and hotel sectors, was a recurring theme in all the company analyses. Dumping prices of individual competitors are counterproductive and ultimately damage the entire region. Further central findings of the company check are the non-optimal digital infrastructure, such as online bookability and the individual appearance in large booking portals, and the fact that the savings potential in most companies has been exhausted, so that special attention must be paid to the earnings side and marketing. All participants also emphasize that the view from outside as well as the absolutely trustful and open approach in the joint discussions were a great benefit for each individual. "The direct exchange with each other was very valuable for me," emphasizes Hermann-Josef Albers from Landhotel Albers in Bödefeld looking back.

"I would like to thank everyone involved for participating in this special project, which has also given us as a tourism organisation deep insights into the businesses", explains Tourism Director Hubertus Schmidt in conclusion, "After all, it takes a good deal of courage and foresight to open up to a team of advisors. I very much hope that we will be able to advise and network many more businesses in this way, and I am pleased that the Stadtsparkasse is making a continuation possible".

When interested enterprises can apply again for a Gastro check, is announced in time. In the meantime, Monika Wiese-Gerlach from Kur- und Freizeit GmbH and all owners of the previous checks will be happy to answer any questions.

Further information: Guest information Schmallenberger sour country, Monika meadow Gerlach, Poststr. 7, 57392 Schmallenberg, wiese-gerlach@schmallenberger-sauerland.de


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