Forest Route

Lively places and quiet forests

You can't see the forest for the trees? Then you are on the forest route in the south of the Schmallenberger Sauerland. The core town of Schmallenberg is located here, as well as the somewhat larger of the 83 districts of the entire town. Beautiful hiking trails and views alternate with well-kept, half-timbered villages. Hike, stroll, stroll - and enjoy.

Special features along the forest route

Cutlery production in the Hesse cutlery factory in Fleckenberg

Old cutlery factory Fleckenberg

In the cutlery museum Fleckenberg you experience the way from the tin to the coffee spoon. Water power can be experienced up close, as all machines are driven by a flow turbine. Guided tours with demonstrations through the punching shop, grinding shop, locksmith's shop up to the water inlet are possible.

City walk through Schmallenberg in the Sauerland

Historical old town Schmallenberg

Schmallenberg's historic town centre is one of the most beautiful listed buildings in NRW. After a devastating fire in 1822, it was rebuilt strictly according to classicist rules in a very characteristic layout (ladder), which still exists today. Get to know the old town on various tours!

Exhibition in the forest workers museum in Latrop in the Schmallenberger Sauerland

Latrop Forest Workers Museum

In an old mill in Latrop you will find the lovingly arranged forest worker museum. It shows old tools, pictures from the former forest and village life, historical forestry files and information about the development of the chainsaw.

Hospitality along the forest route

Tourist offices

A lot of honorary engagement on site and a lot of heart and soul are invested in the tourist infrastructure of our region. Along the forest route, four different local tourist offices provide an attractive environment for our guests.

County Tourist Office

With the towns of Grafschaft and Schanze

Tourist office Schmallenberg

For the core city of Schmallenberg

Tourist office hunting lodge

For the Höhendorf hunting lodge.

Tourist office Latrop

For the village of Latrop.

Tourist office Lenne

With the places Lenne and Hundesossen

Fleckenberg tourist office

For the holiday resort Fleckenberg.

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