For your health

Holidays per se serve to maintain health. In the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe you can use the most beautiful weeks of the year to do something for your health. Try out new sports, recharge your energy reserves, take measures to ensure that the holiday relaxation in everyday life lasts a long time. We will gladly help you with valuable tips.

Health Service Centre

Get an overview of competences and capacities in the field of health in the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe

Your contact person:

Astrid Völlmecke
Phone: 02974 / 900227

Healing world of herbs...

Guided herb hikes

From spring to autumn, nature in the Sauerland offers a wide variety of wild plants in constant change. Experience the most diverse herbs and wild fruits during a herb hike through the Schmallenberger Sauerland. From a spring cure to detoxify to strengthen our immune system for the winter - our native medicinal herbs can be used in many ways to support our health.

Learn more about the healing power of wild herbs and their use in the kitchen and medicine chest on guided herbal walks. Get to know the appearance and the most important characteristics for correct determination. We will show you the natural locations and explain what you need to pay attention to when collecting. You will be surprised what culinary delights can be made from wild herbs.

Discover the herbs of the Sauerland with Astrid Völlmecke, a trained wild herb and medicinal plant educator. A linen bag or basket, kitchen knife and wet kitchen paper are to be brought along if necessary.

The hike takes about 2 hours and costs 7,00 Euro per person with SauerlandCARD and 10,00 Euro per person without SauerlandCARD. The meeting point is at the tourist information in Bad Fredeburg, Am Kurhaus 4. As the minimum number of participants is 3 persons, prior registration with Bad Fredeburg g.u.t. Gewerbe und Touristik (02974 / 7037) is required up to one day before the event at 4 p.m.


Spas and specialist clinics

Bad Fredeburg

Kneipp Spa


Climatic health resort


Climatic health resort


Healing-climatic health resort


Climatic health resort


Climatic health resort


Climatic health resort

Specialist clinic Bad Fredeburg

Medical rehabilitation of adult alcoholics, drug addicts and patients with multiple dependency

57392 Bad Fredeburg
Phone: 02974 / 720

Specialist clinic Hochsauerland

Psychosomatic clinic

57392 Bad Fredeburg
Phone: 02974 / 730

Specialist clinic Holthauser Mill

Medical rehabilitation of drug addicts

57392 Holthausen
Phone: 02974 / 7780

Specialist hospital Monastery County

Internal medicine, pneumology, respiration and sleep medicine, allergology

57392 County
Phone: 02972 / 79100

Holidays from allergy

Schmallenberg and Eslohe are certified as allergy-friendly communities according to ECARF criteria

Allergy friendly holidays

Take a holiday from allergy

The Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe are allergy-friendly communities. Especially for allergy sufferers, who now make up almost a third of the European population, we have optimal offers and accommodation. This service is guaranteed by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). Our guests can rely on excellent holiday conditions, as numerous measures on site lead to significantly reduced contact with the most common allergens. These measures include, for example, smooth floors, encasings, smoke-free and pet-free rooms, and a kitchen that is adapted to food intolerances. A healthy low mountain range climate, the specialist hospital Kloster Grafschaft on site and the possibility to visit the healing gallery are also noteworthy factors for an allergy-friendly holiday.

Healing gallery in Nordenau

The small mountain village Nordenau with the healing gallery is only 14 km away from Schmallenberg. At the end of the village is the Heilstollen, which today stands for health and well-being far beyond the borders of the Sauerland and is now visited by thousands of sick people who expect relief from their illnesses and complaints.
often astonishing improvements in health under the influence of the so-called "Nordenau phenomenon" have in the meantime been scientifically substantiated by the results of investigations carried out by a research group from Kyushu University in Fukuoka (Japan) and the participating Centre for Holistic Medicine and Naturopathy in Nordenau.
The spring that rises
in the energy field of the Heilstollen carries high-quality so-called "reduced water", which, as a highly potent free radical scavenger, provides general relief for the body cells from metabolic waste products (so-called free radicals)

To the Heilstollen in Nordenau...

Vacation despite dialysis

Despite illness, let the soul dangle

Locations for holiday dialysis

Dialysis patients also want to spend a relaxing holiday. In the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe, you don't have to do without safe care. The supra-local group practice "Nephrologisches Zentrum Sauerland" offers holiday dialysis at two dialysis locations nearby.

At the specialist hospital Monastery County

Am Stünzel 8
57392 Schmallenberg

Phone 02972 7 91 43 00

Times by arrangement

At St. Walburga Hospital

Schederweg 12
59872 Meschede

Phone 02 91 5 66 40

Times by arrangement

Movement in nature

Conscious or fast? Which speed do you prefer?

Walking & Nordic-Walking

Fans of the fast pace will find plenty of room to indulge in their favourite sport in the forests of the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the Eslohe holiday region. Whether with or without poles, the well signposted and well-maintained forest paths of our region are simply fun.

Feel like increasing the pace? Then try speedhiking. Here ambitious crossers with poles run through the terrain about 30% faster than normal. Uphills and descents alternate constantly, so that pulse and breathing are alternately stressed.


Real relaxation in the fresh air. The trend sport Breath-Walk combines yoga elements, mindful walking, dynamic breathing and conscious movement. Each BreathWalk provides effective exercises and improves stamina. The effectiveness of the BreathWalk is constantly proven by studies. BreathWalk improves breathing and posture, strengthens the immune system, activates the acid-base balance and strengthens the circulatory system. This is how your walk becomes a fitness event

Fitness courses in the Schmallenberger Sauerland | © apops -

Fitness and activity plan

Pick your favourite movement offer. We have created an activity timetable for you to turn your holiday into fitness time. Qualified exercise instructors are at your disposal to teach you the right technique and bring the fun of sport closer to you.

Fitness Circle Bad Fredeburg

Fitness Circle Bad Fredeburg

17 stations on the way to personal fitness. In the most beautiful landscape near Bad Fredeburg and in the fresh air. It is worth trying out in any case.

Athletes train on the fitness course in Westfeld
Fin Railway

Finnbahn & Fitness course in Westfeld

The exercise and fitness course in Westfeld offers 10 exercise stations in addition to a Finnbahn course, which allow you to train your whole body. Coordinative skills are trained and the muscles are strengthened.

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