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November 2016

In trend: small holidays instead of big celebrations

Relaxed celebration with the family. In the middle of Germany

"We remember your 60th with great pleasure and often to this day." That's a compliment any host would love to hear. But what makes a celebration special? "Most of the time, it's just time for each other and for each other. To spend a weekend together, to do something together, to see your loved ones united around a table, that is a rarity for many families", Monika Wiese-Gerlach from the Tourist Information Schmallenberger Sauerland explains the new trend in her region.

Central meeting place important
Because only a few parents are able to fulfil the wish that their own offspring should seek and find the centre of their life after training and/or studies in the vicinity. Visits therefore usually only take place on public holidays or on special occasions, often under stress and time pressure

A social development that has changed the way and framework of celebrating with the family. Instead of or in addition to the big party with all their friends, acquaintances, colleagues and neighbours, more and more people celebrate their anniversary or anniversary in a smaller setting - completely relaxed, at a place that is easy to reach for everyone, in the individually desired ambience.

Social programme creates memories
"In addition to a nice hotel or inn and a special meal, a personally coordinated social programme is decisive for many people, with shared experiences that stick. This can be a museum tour, a herb hike, a guided stalk through the bison wilderness, a game of golf, an (e-)bike tour, a snowshoe hike or even a castle tour - depending on how old the grandchildren are and/or how active the inviting guests are," says Wiese-Gerlach, summarizing the most popular program items in the Schmallenberger Sauerland.

It is also
important to allow time for retreat, e.g. for a massage or a beauty treatment, as well as small tobe units for the children, e.g. for swimming or climbing, in order to satisfy the children's urge for activity. In addition, those invited should definitely take lots of photos, because a photo book is not only the perfect thank you for the invitation but also a very nice memory for everyone.

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