Farmland Route

Rural peace

This high plateau is a scenic speciality in the middle of the Schmallenberger Sauerland. Here the hills are gently rolling and many small half-timbered villages dominate the picture - sometimes visible from afar.

Families in particular appreciate holidays here, as there is plenty of space to play and romp around and the opportunity to learn where the milk comes from. Fans of church painting will also get their money's worth as there are three late Romanesque churches with remarkable apse paintings to be discovered. Along the way there are also numerous signs of the deeply rooted faith of the people in the form of small chapels or wayside crosses.

Special features along the farmland route

View into the church St. Cyriakus in Berghausen

Romanesque parish church of Berghausen

Already around 1220 the inhabitants of Berghausen and the surrounding villages built this parish church. From the beginning, St. Deacon and martyr Cyriakus has been the patron saint of this probably oldest church in the Sauerland. The apse painting, one of the few well-preserved Romanesque wall paintings in Germany, is of particular art-historical importance.

Tower of the airfield Rennefeld near Wormbach

Airfield Rennefeld

From the airfield Rennefeld there are opportunities for flights in gliders, ultralight and motorised aircraft. You take off and land at Rennefeld airfield, beautifully located between Wormbach and Werpe.

Hospitality along the farmland route

Tourist office farmland

Along the farmer's land route, the members of the Verkehrsverein Bauernland take care of the needs of the guests on site with a lot of commitment and new ideas. They provide well signposted hiking routes, well-kept benches and rest areas and take care of the appearance of the villages.

These places are: Arpe, Berghausen, Bracht, Ebbinghof, Felbecke, Harbecke, Hebbecke, Heiminghausen, Kückelheim, Mailar, Menkhausen, Niederberndorf, Oberberndorf, Obringhausen, Rotbusch, Werpe, Wormbach.

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