Winter hiking in the Schmallenberger SauerlandPeaceful silence

Hiking warmly wrapped up through the winter landscape: A special pleasure that clears your head. Nature has covered itself in white and glittering, no sound can be heard - just pure peace and relaxation. The clear, fresh air, a special light and impressive long-distance views contribute to this winter nature experience.

Whether on cleared winter hiking trails or with snowshoes through the deep snow in the winter wonderland. In the Schmallenberger Sauerland all variations are open to you, the most beautiful ideas are presented on this page.

Winter hiking tips

Please pay attention to a few things, for the carefree winter hiking fun:

  • Winter hikes are often more strenuous than walking on hiking trails in summer when there is no snow. Keep this in mind when planning your route.
  • Snow makes orientation a little more difficult. Even hiking trails known from summer look quite different with white snow. Therefore, pay careful attention to the signposts
  • Make sure you wear warm clothing, preferably in several layers ("onion principle"). If necessary, keep extra warm clothes in your backpack, which you can quickly put on if you get cold. When the sun goes down in the late afternoon, it quickly becomes sensitively cool
  • Pay special attention to the wildlife in the winter forest. They have to live mostly from their reserves and therefore take it easy. Therefore, please stay on the marked trails and keep your dogs on a leash to prevent deer & co. from escaping unnecessarily.

Hiking trails in the snow

Away from the hustle and bustle of skiing, the Schmallenberger Sauerland offers you beautiful winter hiking trails. Clear and clearly marked, they lead you into the snow-covered landscape and to magnificent views.

Freshly cleared or deeply snowed in?

Nearly all hiking trails in the region are also accessible in winter. Of course only with sturdy shoes and the necessary attention. Whether you are on a simple tractor track or on a comfortably cleared trail, the following overview will tell you. The "green" marked paths have been prepared for you by the local tourist office, the ones with the red markings are passable, but may be restricted in places. Choose your preferred route from the tour portal or our winter route selection.

When clearing forest roads, a good compromise is always sought between accessibility and the least possible impact on nature. Please always bear in mind that even cleared hiking trails are not comparable with the conditions in a city pedestrian zone.


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