Roll it!

Discover the cinemas around Schmallenberg and Eslohe

Smell of popcorn and simply good entertainment. A visit to the cinema is also a welcome trip or a bad weather alternative on holiday. Here we have listed the cinemas in the area for you. Have fun.

Cinematic theatre in Lennestadt

Hundemstraße 57
57368 Lennestadt
Phone: 02723 959590

Film theatre in Winterberg

Nuhnestraße 13
59955 Winterberg
Phone: 02981 7385

Linden theatre in Meschede

Kaiser-Otto-Platz 6a
59872 Meschede
Phone: 0291 6214

Capitol Cinema Center Bad Berleburg

Herrengarten 8
57319 Bad Berleburg
Phone: 02751 3966

The current cinema program in Meschede:

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