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In the Schmallenberger Sauerland you enjoy land. Love. Way of life. - with all your senses. Get to know our region in a culinary way and literally make your way to the culinary highlights of the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe. Our delicious hikes, culinary city tours or the culinary e-bike tour will show you the tastiest destinations.

5-course menu on the Rothaarsteig

Regular guided pleasure hikes around Schmallenberg

Since 2009, a team of culinary scouts and hiking guides has successfully offered regular guided pleasure hikes around Schmallenberg. From 2015 the walks will be carried out by the association FGM Genuss-Wandern und Regionale Esskultur e.V. in cooperation with the tourist office, the Schmallenberger Sauerland Tourismus GmbH and the SGV.

Enjoy and hike in the Schmallenberger Sauerland and enjoy a regionally inspired five-course menu: Step by step and course by course, based on the Slow Food philosophy: The focus is on regional and seasonal food that has been produced well, cleanly and fairly. A sensual mixture of rural adventure, culinary delights and contemplation awaits you.

Tour schedule

The event starts at 9.30 a.m. at the Hotel Störmann in Schmallenberg with a "sparkling start" accompanied by a greeting from the kitchen. In addition to the finely tuned individual courses in the cooperating restaurants, you will be spoiled twice along the way by the Culinary Scouts at the RucksackBar with regional specialities. The main courses on offer meet the Slow Food requirements for species-appropriate animal husbandry and agriculture free of genetic engineering and chemicals.

7 dates with four different routes and menus are offered. The routes to be hiked are each about 14 km long, the degree of difficulty ranges between easy and medium difficulty. The journey from the Hotel Störmann to the start of each hike is done with a covered wagon for the individual routes. The cost contribution for this is 10,00 €.

The menu usually ends around 18.15 hrs with tasting of the regional farm cheese.

On the way there will be time for impressions of an almost intact nature, for leisure, to listen to the murmuring and splashing of the streams, the wind in the trees or even just the silence. Hiking guides and culinary scouts are available for discussions and information about interesting regional and historical features, ecological foundations of life, sustainability, customs and nutrition in the past and present. They see themselves as ambassadors of enjoyment for the region.

The cost per hike is € 79.00 for five courses including dual expert guidance. At the lively start, at the RucksackBar and at the cheese tasting, one drink is included in the price, all other drinks will be billed individually. After the binding written registration, the booking will be confirmed and an invoice will be issued, which must be paid within three weeks. Deadline for registration is 10 days before the hiking date. If the hike is successful, late registrations with cash payment are possible on request. If the hike does not take place, the paid amount will be refunded. If the cancellation is made up to seven working days or less before the start of the event, the resulting financial loss must be paid. A refund is only possible in the event of a replacement in the event of a replacement procedure. The processing fee is 20.00 € per person.

The minimum number of participants is 11, the maximum number of participants 18. In special situations, the number of participants may be slightly exceeded after consultation.

Inquiries, gift vouchers and bookings

FGM Enjoyable Hiking and Regional Food Culture
Ingrid Schlicht-Olbrich
Phone: 0171 68 31 928

Pleasure Route 1

"Mystic Forest"

06.07.19 (German Hiking Day) | 27.07.19 Wild herbs

1st course at the Hotel Störmann Weststr. 58 in 57392 Schmallenberg, 2nd course at the RucksackBar on the Wilzenberg, 3rd course at the Gasthof Schütte Oberkirchen, 4th course at the Gasthof Heimes Grafschaft, 5th course at the RucksackBar near Heute Mühle in Schmallenberg

Pleasure Route 2

"Cyril sends his regards"

25.05.19 | 17.08.19

1st course: Hotel Störmann Weststr. 58 in 57392 Schmallenberg, 2nd course: at the RucksackBar at Hexenplatz above Oberkirchen, 3rd course: Gasthof Droste in Oberkirchen, 4th course: Gasthof Heimes in Grafschaft, 5th course at the RucksackBar near Heute-Mühle in Schmallenberg

Pleasure Route 3

"Where fox and hare say good night to each other"

04.05.19 | 21.09.19

1st course: Hotel Störmann Weststr. 58 in 57392 Schmallenberg, 2nd course: at the RucksackBar Hiking parking lot "Auf dem Brande" near Werpe, 3rd course: Gasthof Heimes-Willmes Lenne, 4th course: Gasthof Röhrig Fleckenberg, 5th course at the RucksackBar near Heute Mühle in Schmallenberg

Pleasure Route 4

"Of ancient ways and their myths"

(possibly delicacies from the "Roter Höhenvieh", an old domestic cattle breed)

1st course Hotel Störmann Weststr. 58 in 57392 Schmallenberg, 2nd course at the RucksackBar, "Wickel-Station" above Ebbinghof, 3rd course at the RucksackBar, "Wickel-Station" above Ebbinghof 4th gear at the bakery Rittmeier in Wormbach, 5th gear at the RucksackBar at the bakery Hof Feldhaus-Kemper Obringhausen, return to Schmallenberg by covered wagon

Menu example"Five-course dinner: Walk with all senses!"

  • 09.30 o'clock: 1st course (Störmann, Weststr. 58 Schmallenberg) A
    lively start with palate delights
  • 10.00 o'clock: Ride with the covered wagon to Wilzenberg, ascent to the top
  • Approx. 11.30 a.m.: 2nd course (Stellmecke, Grafschaft)
    Sauerländer Kir vom Holunder with regional delicacies at the RucksackBar "good - clean - fair"; afterwards hike to Oberkirchen
  • Approx. 13.15 hrs: 3rd course (Gasthof Schütte, Oberkirchen)
    game dish from the local forest; hike to Grafschaft
  • Approx. 15.45: 4th course (Gasthof Heimes, Grafschaft)
    Sweet stop with regional dessert; hike to Schmallenberg
  • Approx. 17.15 hrs: 5th course (today mill, Schmallenberg)
    Tasting of Sauerland farm cheese to apple and pear
    brandy Expected end around 18.30 hrs

(Menu example Route 1, subject to change)

Culinary experiences

Get to know the culinary diversity around Schmallenberg on foot or on the e-bike.

Culinary city tourSmell, taste & experience Schmallenberg

A culinary city tour through the historical city centre of Schmallenberg. During a 3-kilometre-long tour, let yourself be pampered by restaurateurs with regional specialities, enjoy regional delicacies at 8 stations - from the starter to the sweet conclusion - and let the culinary city tour end with a refreshing country beer.

Culinary E-Bike TourThrough the gold villages

Discover Schmallenberg's Gold Villages on your own e-bike (rental e-bike can optionally be added to the shopping cart)! Our guide shows you the culinary and cultural sides of a total of 7 Gold Villages. On the 50 km long and panoramic round tour you will learn interesting facts about Lenne, Fleckenberg, Grafschaft, Oberkirchen, Westfeld, Niedersorpe and Holthausen. In addition to the experience of nature, cultural specialities and culinary delights, a lot of driving fun awaits you.