Meetings ...make us grow.
Meetings ...the Sauerland way.

Encounters simply do good.

Then, if they're real - and we take the time to find them.

Encounters cannot take place digitally, even if social media often make us believe so. We feel networked, but ultimately we are not connected in such moments. We can exchange pictures and news - that's wonderful for keeping in touch. But a real exchange only happens when we face each other or when we go out into nature, breathe the fresh air, look at the light over the woods and feel like we are part of a big whole

Here in the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe we have a special way of thinking and acting. All of us here see ourselves as a large community that makes this region a wonderful place to live for both locals and guests. The people who come to us feel this: when they are greeted quite naturally with a "Hello" or "Good day" in the street. When they see with how much love the locals take care of their houses, gardens and also their traditions, thus shaping the typical image of the Schmallenberger Sauerland. When they come to their hosts, who not only give them a warm welcome, but also surprise them with the highest quality

So it is all about a very personal exploration of these spaces of encounter. They remind us of something essential, which is the basis of everything here in the region: to have a home, to live and to be.

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The magazine for guests and friends

Did you know? The actress Daniela Bette is our "ambassador" for the Schmallenberger Sauerland in the new magazine. She grew up in Fleckenberg. At 19 she went to Cologne to study acting. Afterwards she moved to Bonn, where she has lived with her family ever since. Many people know her from the well-known television series Lindenstraße in the role of Angelina, which she has been playing for over 11 years. She also works as a dubbing artist and also sets documentaries, commercials and radio plays to music with her voice.

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Meeting special people.

Der SattelfesteGeorg Fabri

Warum passt die Kulinarische E-Bike-Tour durch die Golddörfer im Schmallenberger Sauerland perfekt zu Georg Fabri und er zu ihr?

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Die WeltenwanderinElisabeth Grube

„Ich war für einen Augenblick ganz aus dem Alltag rausgenommen. In einer Art Zwischenraum, in dem nichts ist, außer das Jetzt. Wie beim Ein- und Ausatmen." 

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Die KunstverliebteChristiane Kellersmann

Was hat eine rosafarbene Wand mit dem "kunsthaus alte mühle" zutun - und wie hat Christiane Kellersmann die Kunst nach Schmallenberg gebracht...

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Der Power-RangerStefan Knippertz

"Der Wald ist für mich ein Lebensbegleiter. Die Bäume, die Tiere, die Gerüche, die Jahreszeiten und alles, was dort passiert."

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Der RaumwerkerHans-Gerhard Schörmann

Mit seiner Arbeit schafft Hans-Gerhard Schörmann Wohlfühlatmosphäre bei vielen Gastgebern im Schmallenberger Sauerland und der Ferienregion Eslohe.

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It was love at first sight.Bärbel Michels

Bärbel Michels tells her story of how she discovered the old forester's house in Rehsiepen, in the quiet Schmallenberg Sorpe Valley, which was for sale.

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With both feet on the ground...Daniela Bette-Koch

Daniela Bette about her attachment to the Schmallenberg Sauerland, her childhood places, her home and how the Schmallenberg mentality has often helped her as an actress ...

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With a special eye for the landscape...Klaus-Peter Kappest

Why art in the Schmallenberger Sauerland is not only to be seen in museums - and what the light artist Klaus-Peter Kappest has to do with it...

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Everything's real!

A very special look "behind the scenes" of our work... As part of the creation of our magazine 2019, a special photo shoot with the actress Daniela Bette-Koch took place in the Schmallenberger Sauerland. In several parts we would like to share our ideas and thoughts for the magazine with you. See for yourself what makes the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe so special!

Encounter with nature - Making of part 1

Encounter with nature - Making of part 2

Encounter with nature - Making of part 3

Encounter with nature - Making of part 4

Encounter with nature - Making of part 5

Only flying is better!

From the well sheltered villages we head out into the wide landscape. Behind every bend a new picture appears: clear, bubbling brooks, angular rocks, an old giant tree that tells of the storms of time... In the following places you will breathe an especially large portion of freedom & adventure!

View from the Wilzenberg Tower near Grafschaft in the Schmallenberger Sauerland

The holy mountain of Sauerland...

On the 658-metre high, striking Wilzenberg. This is, so to speak, the holy mountain of the Sauerland and is regarded as a particularly powerful place. The old ramparts probably date back to the Middle Ages. From the observation tower you have a 360-degree view over the Sauerland. Great!


Cycle tour through the gold villages

Pretty half-timbered villages with imposing churches and impressive scenery await you if you follow the golden route label. Fancy more? Then book our guided e-bike tour on the Golddorf bike route!

Hiking on the Rothaarsteig near Latrop in the Schmallenberger Sauerland | © Foto: Sabrinity

Experience the Rothaarsteig!

Hiking on the famous Rothaarsteig, a 154-kilometre-long long-distance hiking trail that leads along selected paths and trails from Brilon to Dillenburg over the ridge of the mountain of the same name.

Gliding on the airfield Rennefeld in the Sauerland

Above the clouds!

Gentle green hills and dense forests reach up to the horizon, small villages nestle in valleys and on mountain slopes, glittering little rivers meander through the countryside and the endless blue sky shines above everything - you can enjoy this sight during a sightseeing flight over the Schmallenberger Sauerland.

On the Hollenpfad near Bödefeld in the Sauerland

The Hollenhaus near Bödefeld

This is a massive, rugged rock, covered with lichens and shimmering strikingly yellowish-green. Around the mysterious giant stone there is also a legend of the Hollen, little fairies who are said to have guarded precious stones here. With this adventurous sight, however, it is easy to make up your own heroic story.

View of Oberhenneborn in Sauerland

Panoramic views along the photo route...

On the photo hiking route around the federal gold village Oberhenneborn you will experience breathtaking views of the Schmallenberger Sauerland again and again. Above all, however, it is about training your eye for a meaningful visual language and at the same time experiencing nature intensively - advanced and amateur photographers alike will find inspiration here!

Meeting yourself...

Powerful places in the middle of nature, pre-Christian places of worship, churches that tell stories - the Schmallenberger Sauerland has a long spiritual tradition. The region considers it an important task to make this tradition tangible - even beyond its own borders. Ideal conditions to find some time for oneself and to find some time for oneself...

There is a magic in the encounter - with ourselves.

Close your eyes for a moment: Whoever is breathing, sitting and reading there right now? How pleasant it is when all thoughts stop for a moment. A tiny little break in the middle of an everyday life full of speed. Quickly to this appointment, to organize something and when we are stopped by a traffic jam, we see red... Is there any other way? Deep inside we know that there is something beyond all this. In moments of silence we experience that we are a part of something that is not visible but can be felt. Connectedness. Then we come to rest.

Discover beautiful places and villages...

Really enjoy a bath in the forest ...

Find a piece of forest that appeals to you personally. Begin the forest bathing with conscious, very slow walking. Concentrate on your breath and your steps. You can also walk barefoot if the ground does not pick and scratch you too much. Listen to the noises in the forest: the birdsong, the rustling of leaves, cracking branches. Try to listen in all directions. Just let your gaze wander without fixing on a particular point. If your thoughts keep distracting you, imagine how they move on like clouds in the sky and "bathe" you further. Find a nice, big tree with a thick trunk and lean against it - sitting or standing. Feel its power and how you can transfer all your weight to it. I wonder how old it might be How many storms he has already experienced and survived.

In the beginning this exercise may be unusual. Especially the slow walking is quite strange to most people. Just try it out and see what it does. You will definitely be relaxed - or - together with children - have a lot to giggle about.


Unsure? The relaxation and health educator Petra Breker accompanies you while swimming in the forest


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