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Citizen bus Schmallenberg

Citizens ride for citizens!

The aim of the Citizens' Bus Association is, in close cooperation with the city of Schmallenberg, to provide the citizens of our city with more mobility up to a ripe old age, at reasonable fares. In order to achieve this goal, the organisation of the bus service and the bus operation itself (appropriately qualified citizen bus drivers) is carried out exclusively by volunteers who have joined forces in the Bürgerbusverein Schmallenberg e.V. The citizen bus, which runs on fixed routes at fixed times every working day in the Schmallenberg city area, connects particularly smaller towns and residential areas with the core cities of Bad Fredeburg and Schmallenberg. The inner-city traffic in Bad Fredeburg and Schmallenberg is also optimally organised with eleven (Bad Fredeburg) and eighteen (Schmallenberg) stops each.On weekdays in the morning, the citizen bus line runs from Bad Fredeburg through large parts of the "Hawerland" via the towns of Grimminghausen, Menkhausen, Niederberndorf, Arpe including Arper Mühle, Kückelheim, Berghausen, Oberberndorf, Selkentrop, Felbecke, Werpe, Wormbach to Schmallenberg and back again. On weekdays at noon the citizen bus supplements the regular service to the Ilpe Valley via the villages of Sellinghausen, Kirchilpe, Twismecke, Nierentrop, Altenilpe to Bad Fredeburg. In the afternoon, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, the citizen bus also serves the above-mentioned towns in the Hawerland and the Ilpe Valley. In separate time windows outside the regular service, the citizen bus transports kindergarten children to various kindergartens. Children from the villages Niederberndorf, Selkentrop, Felbecke, Werpe and Berghausen to the kindergarten in Wormbach and back. The Citizen Bus also transports some kindergarten children from the towns of Berghausen, Menkhausen, Grimminghausen and Niederberndorf to the kindergarten in Dorlar and back. All persons interested in working with the Schmallenberg Citizen Bus Association and driving the Citizen Bus are asked to contact Managing Director Berthold Vogt at Schmallenberg Town Hall for information.

City of Schmallenberg

Unterm Werth 1
57392 Schmallenberg

Phone: 02972/980240

Come with us to...

  • Altenilpe
  • Arpe (2 stops)
  • Bad Fredeburg (11 stops)
  • Berghausen (2 stops)
  • Ebbinghof
  • Felbecke
  • Grimminghausen
  • Kirchilpe
  • Kückelheim
  • Menkhausen (2 stops)
  • Niederberndorf
  • Kidney drop
  • Oberberndorf
  • Obringhausen
  • Schmallenberg (16 stops)
  • Selkentrop
  • Sellinghausen
  • Werpe
  • Wormbach (2 stops)

Our timetables

We take you to your destinations!

Fares and tariffs

Favourable from A to B

Locals and guests without a Sauerland-Card pay the usual rate. Guests with Sauerland-Card and disabled persons with a degree of disability of 50% or more can use the citizen bus free of charge.

Download our fares...

Our service for you!

Mobility for everyone...

  • Allowed bus boarding on signs in 30 zones (outside the bus stops)
  • Individual help when getting on and off the bus (disabled) - if desired
  • Assistance with loading and delivery (unloading) of luggage
  • Communication platform for "locals" and guests, information exchange!
  • Personal approach and consideration of special requests (child seat requirements, special seat, individual exit, luggage storage...)
  • Accompanying and caring for the kindergarten children from the time they enter the kindergarten until they are handed over in the kindergarten and back
  • Advice / recommendation of cultural sights and historical buildings for tourists and people from outside the town

Our team

We bring you safely to your destination!

from the left: Dieter Seget, Helmut Vogt, Heribert Weiss, Edmund Bellinger, Günter Schmidt, Meinolf Rickert, Franz Hagemeier, Hermann Mönig, Werner Bunsen, Peter Kierspel, Franz Gisbert Canisius, Helmut Segref, Helmut Göbel, Franz-Josef Franke, Josef Winkelmann, Albin Lingemann

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