Schmallenberg Sauerland Card

Simply more from your holiday!

The Schmallenberger Sauerland Card is still your practical companion and saves your holiday money! Free travel on public transport and free admission to the attractive museums of the region are included, as well as leisure destinations and visits to the swimming pool at unbeatably low admission prices. Hiking buses and taxis also take you to the most beautiful hiking destinations in the region for little money. Take off on holiday and find out here about the services that the card offers.
Please note: All service descriptions published before 08.06.2020 lose their validity with immediate effect.

Current information: Please note that in the course of the corona pandemic, appropriate hygiene and distance rules must be observed. It is also generally necessary to wear a mouth and nose protector. Please inform yourself in advance on the websites of our partners.


Note: The Schmallenberger Sauerland Card is valid from the day of arrival to the day of departure, but may not be used for arrival or departure (public transport). The card is only accepted during the regular opening hours of the participating leisure facilities and on their separately indicated event days. Acceptance of the card is not possible during individually agreed opening hours. Children are defined as persons up to and including 13 years of age. Timetables and services are subject to change or postponement.

Bus travel with public transport & citizen buses

Special tip: The hiking bus in the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe!

Comfortably to the most beautiful hiking destinations


With your Schmallenberger Sauerland Card you can use the local public transport services free of charge. And not only that! A specially equipped hiking bus completes this offer. For a contribution towards travel costs of €2 for adults and €1 for children, it runs from Wednesday to Saturday along the Rothaar ridge and through the Lennetal to the most beautiful hiking destinations.
Please note that masks are compulsory on the hiking bus.

Public transport timetable

Schwammklöpper-Linie 474.Eine zündende Idee!

Bad Fredeburg – Schmiedinghausen – Holthausen – Schmallenberg und zurück

Die Schwammklöpper-Linie 474 verkehrt von Bad Fredeburg, über Schmiedinghausen und Holthausen bis zum Zentrum von Schmallenberg. Ab dem 5. Juni gibt es sogar auch am Wochenende Fahrtenangebote. Die neue Linie, die mit einem Kleinbus betrieben wird, ergänzt das ÖPNV-Angebot für Fahrgäste aus dem nördlichen Teil Bad Fredeburgs.

Mit unserer Schwammklöpper-Linie 474 gelangen Sie bequem nach Holthausen. Dort finden in der Südwestfälischen Galerie immer wieder interessante Ausstellungen statt. Wenn Sie unsere Linie in der Zeit vom 31. Juli bis 05. September 2021 nutzen, können Sie z.B. die Ausstellung mit Werken von Henri Matisse besuchen. Der bekannte Maler und Künstler, der übrigens als Freund Pablo Picassos gilt, ist einer der bedeutendsten Künstler der Klassischen Moderne. In seinen Werken spielen das Thema Textile, Stoffe, Ornamente, Teppiche und Gewebe eine große Rolle.

Fahrplan herunterladen...

Ausstellung entdecken...

The hiking bus principle:Here's how it works...

For example, you take the bus from your accommodation to the starting point of the hike and walk back. Alternatively, you can drive to the end point of your hike by car, take the bus to the starting point and walk back to your car in peace and quiet

Call Taxes

Sorpetal & Westfeld/Ohlenbach

Call TaxiDaily service

With the Schmallenberger Sauerland Card you have the possibility to use the "Ruf-Taxi" daily for a travel cost contribution of 2,-€ for adults and 1,-€ for children. Three times a day at fixed departure times it runs a fixed route in the Sorpe Valley as well as in Westfeld and Ohlenbach along the stops listed below.
At the latest one hour before the desired departure, the call taxi must be requested under the number 02972 921092. Please note that masks are compulsory in the "Ruf-Taxi".
Departure times and stops are also listed in the respective flyer, which can be downloaded below:



  • Winkhausen - Bus stop "Zum Wilzenberg
  • Niedersorpe - hiking portal
  • Waldemai - Bus stop "Waldemai
  • Rellmecke - Bus stop "Rellmecke
  • Mittelsorpe - Bus stop "Mittelsorpe
  • Obersorpe - Bus stop "Kirche
  • Rehsiepen - Bus stop "Rehsiepen
  • Large picture - Hiker's car park
  • Altastenberg - Bus stop "Astenstraße

Departure times from Winkhausen:

  • 09.45 o'clock
  • 15.00 o'clock
  • 17.00 hours

Departure times from Altastenberg:

  • 10.10 o'clock
  • 15.25 o'clock
  • 17.25 o'clock

Westfeld / Ohlenbach


  • Westfeld - Bus stop "Kirche
  • Hoher Knochen - Hotel
  • Ohlenbach - Town centre / Inn
  • Forest house Ohlenbach - Hotel
  • Sahnehang - parking lot ski lift
  • Kahler Asten - Parking Astenturm

Departure times from Westfeld:

  • 10.00 o'clock
  • 30 o'clock
  • 30 o'clock

Departure times from Astenturm:

  • 30 o'clock
  • 12.00 o'clock
  • 15.00 o'clock

Hiking Taxi "Sauerland-Höhenflug

Comfortably hike to the heights

Take a taxi to the most beautiful stages of the Sauerland-Höhenflug and the Waldskulpturenweg

The hiking taxis in the Schmallenberger Sauerland take you to the most beautiful stages and routes. Plan your day trip or a relaxed circular hike through the beautiful landscape of the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe. Holders of the Schmallenberger Sauerland Card pay a contribution towards travel costs of € 2,- for adults and € 1,- for children.
Please note that a mask is compulsory in the hiker's taxi.


A young couple sits on a bench and looks at the landscape.

Hiking taxi for a high-altitude flight

Option 1: From Bad Fredeburg to Reiste or vice versa

Our high-altitude taxi takes you comfortably to the entry points in Reiste or Bad Fredeburg. From both directions you can hike the high-altitude flight within a day's stage (approx. 5-6 hours).


  • Starting time: 10
    .00 am, Bad Fredeburg, bus stop "Sparkasse" 10
    .45 am, Reiste, bus stop "Reiste
  • Saturdays and Sundays
  • Registration by 17.00 the day before at the latest on 02972 921092.
A young couple having a picnic at a bank.

Hiking taxi for a high-altitude flight

Option 2: Through the Eslohe holiday region

The "Birkenbrauk" car park for hikers is a perfect introduction to the high altitude flight. Our hiking taxi will take you right up to there, so that you can start off on different tours.


  • Starting time: Saturdays
    , 11 am Sundays
    , 10 am
  • Starting point: Eslohe bus station
  • Registration until 17 o'clock at the latest the day before under 02973 81414

Hiking taxi to the forest sculpture trail

The art experience on the Rothaarsteig

The hiking taxi makes it possible to hike along the WaldSkulpturenWeg from Bad Berleburg to Schmallenberg - or vice versa.


  • Starting time: Saturdays
    , 10 am
  • Starting point: Wood
    and Tourism Center Schmallenberg
  • Registration until 17 o'clock at the latest the day before under 02972 97400.

Discounted swimming

Simply more - for the whole family!

Simply more swimming funStrong discounts in SauerlandBad and Co.

The benefits of the Schmallenberger Sauerland Card include, among other things, a discounted visit to one of the swimming pools in our region. In concrete terms, this means that you have one admission to one of our swimming pools per week of stay on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays) at a price of €2 for adults and €1 for children:

  • SauerlandBad in Bad Fredeburg (max. 4 hours/ no sauna) or
  • Esselbad in Eslohe or
  • Wave pool Schmallenberg or
  • Bödefeld indoor swimming pool.

Swimming at the SauerlandBad in Bad Fredeburg

Sauerland Spa

This leisure pool offers everything that makes the swimmer's heart happy. A large adventure pool, whirlpools and rain grotto, a fantastic sauna landscape with graduation house and other finesses and of course a super slide tower with the "Magic Eye".

Esselbad in Eslohe


A pleasant 30° C will surround you in the large swimming hall of the Esselbad in Eslohe. A 45 m long water slide, whirlpool and sauna let all family members enjoy a great day of swimming. With the first warm days of the year, the heated outdoor pool with its beautiful sunbathing lawn and beach volleyball field also opens.

Indoor swimming pool in Bödefeld in Sauerland

Indoor swimming pool Bödefeld

Small but nice, the friendly swimming pool in Bödefeld invites you to take a few laps. A large main pool, a children's pool and a small sauna invite you to spend some relaxing hours swimming.

Outdoor wave pool in Schmallenberg in the Sauerland

Outdoor wave pool Schmallenberg

As beautiful as the sea... almost. The wave outdoor pool in Schmallenberg offers "real" waves, a diving tower and deep pool, a family-friendly children's area and a large sunbathing lawn with beach volleyball court. A paradise for mermaids and bathing frogs.

Leisure destinations & museums

Diverse offers - experience free & reduced prices...

Simply more leisure funFree & discounted admission to museums and sights

This is also already included in your holiday: one or more visits to the most beautiful leisure facilities in the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the Eslohe holiday region. You have a one-off greatly reduced entrance fee, for example, to the bison wilderness on the Rothaarsteig (€2 for adults, €1 for children) and to the indoor play paradise "THIKOS Kinderland" (€2 for adults, €1 for children). You can visit the museums DampfLandLeute Eslohe, Besteckfabrik Hesse in Fleckenberg, Schieferbergbau- und Heimatmuseum Eslohe, Museum im Kloster Grafschaft, Gerichtsmuseum Bad Fredeburg, Stertschultenhof Cobbenrode, Museum im Kloster Grafschaft, Waldarbeitermuseum Latrop and the model railway in Grafschaft as often as you like. We wish you nice discovery tours and exciting insights into the country and its people.