April 2017

Hiking bus and Schmallenberger Sauerland Card take off

Hiking bus starts the 2017 season, Schmallenberger Sauerland Card popular with guests

First presented in 2015, the Schmallenberger Sauerland Card and the associated "Wanderbus System" exceed all expectations. The cards handed out to guests of the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the Eslohe holiday region on arrival are used actively during their stay. Especially during the holidays, the rate of use increases significantly, especially for families with children. A total of around 166,000 cards were issued last year, 85% of which were issued to adult holidaymakers and 15% to children. "This system, unique in Germany, consisting of a guest fee and services available free of charge, is well received by our guests. The real added value of the card is perceived very positively and at the same time we promote the interesting leisure facilities of our region", Hubertus Schmidt, Tourism Director of Schmallenberg and Eslohe, is pleased to report.

Excursion boats 2017 new in the
list The SauerlandBad in Bad Fredeburg, the indoor playground "THIKOS Kinderland" and the bison wilderness have clearly emerged as the most popular destinations. However, the museums in the region, especially in Eslohe, Fleckenberg and Holthausen, as well as the model railway in Grafschaft, also recorded a significant increase in visitor numbers; a total of 6,000 visitors took advantage of the opportunity to visit them free of charge. The guests of the Schmallenberger Sauerland as well as the holiday region Eslohe have thus recognized the added value of the card and appreciate the additional offers. Especially when the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities, the regional excursion destinations are a welcome alternative. For the coming year, the offer will also be supplemented by free trips on the excursion boats on the lakes Henne-, Sorpe-, Möhne- and Biggesee, which will certainly be popular.

Optimised hiking bus routes for 2017
The hiking and sightseeing bus, which has also been available since 2015, is enjoying great popularity. Several thousand transports were possible with the help of the ingenious system of guest charges and complemented the public transport offer in a very targeted manner. For the 2017 season, into which the Wanderbus will start on 02.05.2017, the timetables have been further optimised and adapted to local conditions and requirements. The local public transport will be cleverly supplemented so that all attractive hiking destinations can be easily reached by guests. In some places, the service has therefore been expanded to include flexible Ruftaxi lines; for example, at Sauerland-Höhenflug a taxi will in future run between Reiste and Bad Fredeburg, so that the route is easy to hike from both directions

Financing always in view
"We are constantly keeping an eye on the development and optimisation of the Card offer, as the system has to be financially self-financing without causing additional costs for the hosts. This means that constant optimisation is necessary in order to ensure that the system is financially viable on the one hand and to provide an attractive offer on the other," explains Schmidt. "I would be very pleased if we could further develop the card and expand the network in the future, for example, to include retail cooperations or attractive partner discounts. We are always open to suggestions and discussions in this regard"

Hosts and guests will find all information on the new timetables and the current services of the Schmallenberger Sauerland Card in the newly published flyer for the hiking bus or at www.schmallenberger-sauerland.de.

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Further information: Guest information Schmallenberger Sauerland, Poststr. 7, 57392 Schmallenberg, telephone: 02972 9740-0, daily from 9 to 21 o'clock, fax: 02972 9740-26, www.schmallenberger-sauerland.de

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Wanderbus im Schmallenberger Sauerland | © Tourismus Schmallenberger Sauerland, Klaus-Peter Kappest

Kostenloses Busfahren mit der Schmallenberger Sauerland Card

Tourismus Schmallenberger Sauerland, Klaus-Peter Kappest

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Schifffahrt auf dem Hennesee bei Meschede | © Hennesee-Tourismus

Schifffahrt auf dem Hennesee bei Meschede


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