Relaxed strolling

The special shopping experience

Schmallenberg, Bad Fredeburg and Eslohe offer an equally cosy atmosphere with their lovely half-timbered houses, tree-lined squares and owner-managed shops. Here class stands before mass with lovingly compiled assortments and competent advice.

Small cafés and beautiful restaurants invite you to stop for a break - pure strolling and enjoyment. Treat yourself to something nice and enjoy shopping in a special atmosphere. As an allergy-friendly region (ECARF-certified), we have special offers for allergy sufferers, both in terms of accommodation and retail, at the bakery or supermarket.

Hiking tip of the week

Golddorf-Route County

This Golddorf route, a good eleven kilometres long, takes you up to the Wilzenberg, also known as the "Sacred Mountain in the Sauerland". You can look forward to wonderful views of the idyllic landscape around the Schmallenberg district of Grafschaft. The hike starts in the centre of the village very close to the Grafschaft monastery, which is now used as a specialist hospital. You leave the village and soon enjoy the first fantastic views of the gold village and the surrounding mountains. Now you can climb one of them yourself: The path leads you steeply uphill to the Wilzenberg. Once you reach the top of the 658-metre-high peak, you can cover a few more metres of altitude and enjoy the fantastic panoramic view from the observation tower. You have now completed the demanding part of the hike. Afterwards, you can relax and return to Grafschaft.

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 11.3 km Starting
point: County town centre

Home of well-known brands

The Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe are the location of well-known brands and globally active companies. When it comes to fashion, living environments and lifestyle, local companies set standards in quality, innovation and design. Visit the factory outlets of FALKE in Schmallenberg and GEFU in Eslohe and see for yourself:

Experience and shop the whole world of FALKE fashion worlds:
Ohlgasse 5, 57392 Schmallenberg

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 10.00 - 18.00 h
Saturday 09.00 - 16.00 h

GEFU offers regular company tours! Information under: 02973 971325

Braukweg 28, 59889 Eslohe

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, 9.00 to 12.30 and 14.30 to 18.00
Saturday, 10.00 to 14.00


Factory sales & Outlets in the Sauerland

All factory outlets, outlets, manufactories, farm shops, cheese dairies, distilleries and breweries from the green leisure region are bundled and clearly presented on the websites of "Werksverkauf Sauerland". Discover the variety of brands in the Sauerland and make your holiday a shopping experience!

Allergy friendly shoppingECARF - Top for allergy sufferers

Already in 2013, the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe were awarded the Seal of Quality of the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) as allergy-friendly communities. In addition to allergy-friendly accommodation, restaurants, cafés, bakeries and supermarkets also offer special services for allergy sufferers. This is still a rare complete offer in Germany and NRW

Allergy-friendly retail trade according to ECARF criteria:

Bad Fredeburg:

  • Markant Market, Tel. 02974 / 9689599


  • Organic food shop "Hafermühle Böhmer", Tel. 02973 / 6259


  • Markant Market, Tel. 02972 / 48214

Bad Fredeburg

  • Mill bakery Schulte, Tel. 02974 / 900100


  • Tismes Bakery Café, Tel. 02977 / 257


  • Mill bakery Schulte, Tel. 02973 / 2345


  • Schulte mill bakery (in Markant Markt), Tel. 02972 / 961873

Bad Fredeburg

  • Butchery Kietsch, Tel. 02974 / 83447
  • Butcher's shop Merte, phone 02974 / 9692331


  • Butchery Merte, Tel. 02972 / 921423


  • Tismes Bakery Café, Tel. 02977 / 257


  • Café Konditorei König, Tel. 02972 / 2573

Bad Fredeburg

  • Jeweller & Eye optics Teipel, Tel. 02974 / 463


  • Beds Hennecke, phone 02972 / 5720

Bad Fredeburg

  • Elektro Föster GmbH, Phone 02974 / 969440


  • Optics Böhle, Phone 02972 / 2727

Bad Fredeburg

  • Jeweller & Eye optics Teipel, Tel. 02974 / 463


Shopping in the historic town centre

Along the Oststrasse and Weststrasse with their cross-connections you will find numerous small, owner-managed shops with lovingly compiled assortments. Get competent advice and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

You can park free of charge in the entire area of the city centre - a parking disc is sufficient.

The colourful variety of the assortments is the ideal prerequisite for the vouchers of the Schmallenberg advertising association. Here the presentee will really find something suitable. You can obtain the vouchers from the two local banks.

Please note: During the summer holidays in NRW the shops in Schmallenberg are open all day at lunchtime!

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Virtual city tour through Schmallenberg

Bad Fredeburg

Shopping in the slate town

Between historical half-timbered houses and beautiful sculptures you will find a small but fine retail offer. Owner-managed, lovingly decorated shops and cosy cafés make your shopping trip perfect.

Vouchers are a popular gift and souvenir. All member establishments of Bad Fredeburg g.u.t. accept the vouchers, which you can obtain from the guest information office and local banks.

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Virtual city tour through Bad Fredeburg


The pleasant shopping village

Small treasures in terms of shopping and art can be discovered in Eslohe. Cultivated gastronomy invites you to enjoy a stop before you set off again to discover special fashions and decorations or beautiful works of art.

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