Nature Experiences

Nature makes you happy.

Hearing the silence. Let your gaze wander far. Family experiences together. Grounding the senses. This and much more is possible during a stay in the wonderful nature of the Schmallenberger Sauerland. A wide variety of offers invite you to discover small or large animals, colourful flowers, stately trees and swinging landscapes.


Bison in the Wisent-World-Wittgenstein near hunting lodge | © Wisent-Welt-Wittgenstein e. V.


Stalactite cave in the Bilstein Valley Game Park near Warstein | © Foto: Wildpark Bilsteintal Warstein


Ein Rucksack voller AbenteuerEntdecker-Touren für die ganze Familie

Gehen Sie mit dem Eventrucksack auf Entdecker-Touren - auf eigene Faust und in Ihrem Tempo. Eine Audiobox führt Sie durch verschiedene Aufgaben und im Rucksack befindet sich alles, was Sie dafür brauchen. Jetzt online buchen, in der Tourist-Information Schmallenberg abholen und einen Tag mitnehmen:

Wandern mit Kindern im Schmallenberger Sauerland und der Ferieregion Eslohe


Erleben Sie mit Ihren Kindern Ihr ganz eigenes Waldabenteuer, gehen Sie auf Spurensuche und werden Sie gemeinsam zu Waldexperten! - Sie sind mitten in der Natur und nehmen ganz besondere Waldmomente wieder mit nach Hause.

- Perfekt für neugierige Naturforscher!

Eventrucksack mit Aufgaben für Entdecker-Tour für Familien | © Elke Spaller


Mit aufregenden Experimenten und Spielen erleben Sie Ihre Sinne auf eine besondere Art: Hören, sehen, schmecken, fühlen und riechen Sie mit Ihren Kindern ganz bewusst und erleben Sie so manch einen Aha-Moment.

- Perfekt, um mal einen Regentag zu überbrücken!

Ranger-TourenMit Waldexperten unterwegs

Auf ihren spannenden Touren bringen die Ranger kleinen und großen Naturfreunden Flora und Fauna näher. Lassen Sie sich von von den Waldexperten die Besonderheiten unserer Natur zeigen und entdecken Sie spannende Waldlebewesen.

WaldsafariDie Erlebnis-Tour durch die Natur!

Der Safaribus fährt sicher über Stock und Stein, durch unwegsames Gelände und fernab von befestigten Wegen. Mit ihm entdecken Sie die geheimen und versteckten Fleckchen im Sauerland und Wittgensteiner Land. Der Bus fährt Sie auf wilden Routen zu beliebten Ausflugszielen während der Guide Interessantes, Überraschendes und manchmal auch Skurriles über unsere heimischen Waldwelten und ihre Bewohner erzählt. Jede Waldsafari wird individuell nach Ihren Wünschen und Bedürfnissen geplant und durchgeführt. Bei den kleine und große Pausen können Sie sich stärken und die örtliche Gastronomie besuchen oder alleine die nähere Umgebung erkunden.

Preise (Fahrzeit exklusive Stopps und Pause)

  • Erwachsene: 25,- € pro Stunde
  • Kinder & Jugendliche bis 16 Jahre: 15,- € pro Stunde
  • Kinder bis 6 Jahre: 5,- € pro Stunde
  • Kleine Snacks und alkoholfreie Getränke sind inklusive.

Weitere Informationen...

Educational paths

Cyril's pathThe calm after the storm

With an incredibly destructive force, Hurricane Kyrill redrew the contours of the region in early 2007. Within one night, it devastated more forest in the Sauerland than any storm ever before. 16 million solid cubic metres fell in NRW, 4 million in the Hochsauerland.
In order to make Kyrill's consequences visible and tangible for years to come, the rangers of the NRW Forest and Woodland Rangers have created the Kyrill Trail Ski Jump on the Rothaarsteig by hand. On an uncleared storm-damaged area of storm-damaged timber in the state forest, hikers can experience the "force of nature in complete peace" over narrow steps and under fallen trees over a length of about one kilometre. The landmark of the path, which is also highly interesting for children, is "the ship's bow" on a splintered tree

The Cyril trail is located in the small Schmallenberg district of Schanze and begins at the newly built ranger station. The Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz NRW offers guided hikes by appointment for a wide range of target groups (Contact: Forestry Office Upper Sauerland 02972 9702-0 or Ranger Fred Josef Hansen 0171 5871651).

Forester's and lumberjack's trailDiscover the secrets of the forest

A total of 17 stations over a distance of 4.5 kilometres reveal all kinds of information about the "secrets of the forest". The foresters' and foresters' trail vividly explains the complex ecosystem of the forest with its many different functions and shows the importance and use of the valuable raw material wood. Whether charcoal-burning, monoculture or logging - topics from yesterday and today, from ecology to forestry are taken up and even a small "forest worker museum" is part of the trail.

Start of the trail with free parking is at the village house in Schmallenberg-Latrop.

Wood adventure courseSchmallenberg

For families with children, the approximately three-kilometre-long wood adventure course in Schmallenberg is particularly recommended. Explore with the whole family the eight stations around the theme of forest and wood. For children from five years of age or "all-terrain" prams, the trail is easy to master without major inclines.

Forest adventure trail Bad Fredeburg - Due to construction work only partially accessible

The badger will guide you on your discovery tour on the approximately 3.5 km long forest adventure trail in Bad Fredeburg. Interesting facts about native plants, animals and trees are explained on descriptive boards, play stations along the trail invite big and small "scouts" to adventures.

Forest adventure trailDorlar

Jumping far, puzzling flight pictures of birds of prey, guessing the ground conditions barefoot - the forest experience path Dorlar challenges all senses. Over a distance of about 2.5 km, nine adventure stations convey the diversity of nature. Parking is available at the Schützenhalle in Dorlar. From there you can reach the path in about 15 - 20 minutes on foot.

Beastly good...

Wisent Wildernessam Rothaarsteig

An impressive encounter with "his majesty", the bison, awaits you. In the bison wilderness, a herd of Europe's largest land mammals lives in a semi-natural area of about 20 hectares. A three-kilometre-long adventure trail leads around the enclosure so that you can observe these impressive animals with a high degree of probability. The hiking trail is deliberately designed to be close to nature and varied and therefore requires suitable footwear and a safe step. The bison wilderness is closed on Mondays.

At the end of the hike we recommend a visit to the adventure playground or a stop at the bison hut, right next to the bison wilderness.

To the bison world...

Game reserve BödefeldDeer watching

Close to the Walkenmühle nature playground in Bödefeld, you can experience the local game at close quarters in the red deer enclosure. At feeding times, daily at 18.30 hrs, the probability of encountering the game is particularly high.
Information and registration: from Roland Albers on 0151 15200484.

Damwildgehegeat Wenholthausen and Eslohe

Encounters with native game are very rare in forests and fields. Observation of the shy animals is possible in the fallow deer enclosures in Eslohe (at the edge of the footpath between Forellenhof Poggel and Dampf Land Leasem Eibel).

Other game parks in the region

Wolf in the game park in the Panorama Park in Kirchundem in the Sauerland | © Panorama Park Sauerland Wildpark

Panorama Park

The family leisure park in the Sauerland. A variety of attractions such as a summer toboggan run, bouncy cushions, play and climbing castles or the slide paradise make children's hearts beat faster. You can experience pure nature by meeting red deer, moufflons, sika and fallow deer, wild boars and bison in the extensive enclosures. There are also wolves, lynx and otters to marvel at. The little ones especially love the large petting zoo with many breeds of domestic animals.

Deer in the Bilstein Game Park near Warstein | © Foto: Wildpark Bilsteintal Warstein

Bilstein Valley Game Park

In this game park you can experience seven typical wild animal species up close. The park has been in existence for 50 years and is accessible free of charge all year round. Sika and red deer, wild boars, raccoons, foxes and lynxes live in the enclosures. In addition, "Skudden", an old breed of sheep, are on the way around the Bílštejn rock as landscape conservationists. The BILSTEIN cave and a spacious forest playground are in the immediate vicinity.

Wild boar in the wild forest Vosswinkel | © Foto: Karl-Heinz Volkmar

Wild Forest Vosswinkel

In the wild forest Vosswinkel you can experience nature and forest for a whole day. More than 12 km of hiking trails run through the park. On the way playgrounds, forest stations, resting places or lookout points invite you to discover nature and observe wild animals. Feeding of wild animals takes place at different times of the day and during the autumn months numerous special tours are offered for the rut of the stags.

Bird of prey show in the Willingen wildlife and leisure park | © Foto: Wild- und Freizeitpark Willingen

Wildlife Park Willingen

Visit the Willingen Game and Leisure Park in the middle of the Diemelsee Nature Park. The park's extensive enclosures are home to native animal species such as fallow deer, red deer and sika, predatory game such as brown bears and wild cats, as well as some exotic animals. A special highlight is the daily impressive bird of prey show. You will also discover 26 lovingly designed fairy tale houses, where the figures of childhood come "alive".

Caves in Sauerland

The Atta Cavein Attendorn

Descend into the fascinating world of stalactites, stalagmites and stalagmates. A fascinating limestone paradise awaits you, the largest coherent cave system in Germany. The cave can be reached via an approximately 80-metre-long access tunnel and can be explored on a 40-minute guided tour.

To the Atta cave...

The Bilstein Cavein Warstein

You can explore about 400 metres of a cave system in the Bilstein Valley with a total length of 1,850 metres in the Bilstein Cave. The remaining cave systems are reserved for professional speleologists or are often under water for months at a time. This is because an active cave stream flows through the BILSTEIN Cave and constantly washes it out