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City walks

in Schmallenberg and Bad Fredeburg

How about a tour through the history of our places? During a walk you can admire lovingly restored houses, beautiful sculptures and picturesque gardens in peace and quiet.

Schmallenberg's historic town centre is one of the most beautiful listed buildings in NRW. After a devastating fire in 1822, it was rebuilt strictly according to classicist rules in a very characteristic layout (ladder), which still exists today.

Get to know Schmallenberg's "personalities" such as the Floigenkasper or the Breybalg and enjoy the lovingly restored, straight-lined facades of the houses

Willi Spürnase has dressed up especially for this monument rally: Namely with the clothes of "Feldmesser Schmitz", who planned the reconstruction of the city of Schmallenberg after the fire of 1822 with the help of a field sketch.

Together with Willi, families discover the most important parts of Schmallenberg's historic centre and learn a lot about the town and its inhabitants. At the end of the rally there is, of course, a reward for the children.


Culinary city tour

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