Sauerland Curvy regionThe fascination of motorcycling

This region offers pure biking pleasure. Experience the landscape on narrow roads and experience nature intensively. The winding routes of the Schmallenberger Sauerland and the holiday region Eslohe require all your attention and riding skills. As a reward, you will be rewarded with "enjoy centrifugal force", beautiful landscapes and biker-friendly hosts.

Riding a motorcycle in the Sauerland...

Motorcycling in Sauerland | © Foto: Eckhard Henseling


The most beautiful tours of the Sauerland in an interactive map. From motorbike fans for motorbike fans. Discover the land of 1000 mountains - and the curves around them - in a relaxed way.

By the way: not suitable for racing - more for cruising and pleasure biking.

Sauerland Motorcycle Roadbook


There are many varied and demanding motorcycle routes in the Sauerland. Just right for the fans of pleasure biking and cruising, of interesting sights and beautiful landscapes. The Sauerland RoadBook lists 10 tours between 100 km and 250 km that offer just that.

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"Loud is out"

There are many different interests romping around in our region. Mutual consideration is therefore required. The "loud is out" campaign sends out a clear signal against leisure noise and also asks bikers to adopt a driving style that is appropriate to the region. Because all would like to enjoy our beautiful area in their own way.